URBAN SECURE designs, supplies, installs and repairs electronic security systems to the end user.

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Alarm and Panic Systems

Smart alarmAlarm systems are advancing technologically at such a rapid rate that the possibilities of customisation are almost unlimited. With the integration of GSM, we are able to remotely communicate with our systems, whether receiving text messages concerning the status of the alarm system, arming / disarming individual partitions, turning on lights, opening / closing gates, garage doors etc from anywhere in the world.

Standard and specialised detectors are available to detect almost any requirement, whether internal, external, pet friendly, temperature fluctuations, smoke, fire, glass break, long range, barriers of windows and doors, high foliage areas etc., we have the solutions.

Where the use of cabling between the alarm control panel and indoor / outdoor detectors become impractical, Wireless alarm systems are available at affordable pricing. Some alarm systems can also be controlled by intelligent remotes (transceivers that send and receive information) which not only allow one to operate the alarm system, it receives information of the status of the system. Certain remotes can control numerous devices such as outdoor lighting, gates and garage doors amongst many other electronic devices.

Electric Fencing

Electric fenceElectric fencing is an excellent deterrent as it secures and monitors the first line of defense - the perimeter of the property. Not only does the electric fencing serve as a physical barrier of a high voltage shock, but also as a perimeter alarm system. Should the wires be cut or breached, e.g. a blanket or similar thrown over the wires, the fence alarm immediately activates alerting both the client of a possible intrusion as well as the armed reaction company to whom the client is linked to.

For large business parks and residential estates, zoned electric fences can be erected to accommodate up to 20 zones to allow a direct response to the area of intrusion as well as reducing time spent on fault finding.

The main advantage of electric fencing is that an alarm activates before the intruder has entered the property.

CCTV Systems

CCTV is a fast growing industry and is used extensively for staff and stock movement as well as access control. The CCTV footage can be monitored and simultaneously record the activity of one or numerous cameras upon the detection of motion and include alarm outputs. The systems can be set to eliminate the recording between certain times as well as certain areas of individual cameras such as foliage, passing traffic, etc. to eliminate hours of unnecessary play back.

Wireless technology has also allowed for the implementation of cameras where wiring is impractical or not possible. Each site is unique and must be individually assessed to determine the requirements for the type of camera, lens size, camera resolution, light conditions and cabling requirements, etc. Spy / Covert cameras installed in items such as alarm infra-red / smoke detectors can monitor high risk areas such as cash points or store rooms in secrecy. Infra-red cameras are economical and ideal for residential installations where the driveway or pedestrian entrances are to be monitored.

Intercom Systems


We utilise a wide range of audio and video intercom systems from reputable suppliers to ensure replacement components are readily available. We can once again cater for any market, from something very basic for communication from the gate to the house, which can economically include a video camera and small LCD monitor or, alternatively, a video intercom system, to the slightly more complex component systems with multiple handsets which can call and communicate between each other.

Residential complexes and estates are moving away from wired intercom systems to the more practical and popular GSM based intercom systems which can include an embedded SIM which cannot be stolen. Three numbers can be programmed per unit and includes an integrated remote system and secure key pad egress with exit codes sent via SMS to residents for the visitors. The body corporate will have full control over the system via the internet for editing system and user information as well as access to a variety of reports, usage, itemised billing, etc.

Automation and Access Control

AccessWe have a vast range of equipment for the automation of access points which include battery backup systems for driveway gates, garage doors, roller shutters, booms etc.

We specialise in all forms of vehicle and pedestrian access control systems which include the implementation of magnetic and striker locks, Biometric (finger print) readers, card and proximity readers, access key pads (now wireless), turnstiles, metal detectors, manual / automated booms and time & attendance systems.

Installations, Repairs and Maintenance

Our office hours are between 08h00 and 17h00, Monday to Friday however we can accommodate installations over weekends and after hours where necessary.

It is of vital importance to regularly check all electronic equipment such as panic buttons, radio transmitters, alarm outputs, etc. to ensure that the system is fully functional for when it’s most needed.

Office hours

08h00 - 17h00

Monday - Friday

We can accommodate installations over weekends and after hours where necessary.