We Design, Supply, Install & Repair

electronic security systems to the end user.


Smart alarm systems

Alarm systems are advancing technologically at such a rapid rate that the possibilities of customisation are almost unlimited.

Alarm and Panic Systems

Intercom systems

We utilise a wide range of audio and video intercom systems from reputable suppliers to ensure replacement components are readily available.

Intercom Systems

Electric fence

Electric fencing is an excellent deterrent as it secures and monitors the first line of defense - the perimeter of the property.

Electric Fencing


We have a vast range of equipment for the automation of access points.

Automation & Access Control

CCTV feed on phone

CCTV is a fast growing industry and is used extensively for staff and stock movement as well as access control.

CCTV Systems


It is of vital importance to regularly check all electronic equipment to ensure that the system is fully functional for when it’s most needed.


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08h00 - 17h00

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We can accommodate installations over weekends and after hours where necessary.